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About Nanjing Daily Online

2011-08-22 09:43圖文來源:
Nanjing Daily Online is a news-oriented website built by "Nanjing Daily", the official newspaper of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee. The establishment of Nanjing Daily Online is a significant measure taken by Nanjing Daily to better adapt to the trend of new media development, to achieve its own faster and greater growth, and to establish a brand image of the integrated development of newspaper and new media.
With the motto of " Great Image Stems from Being Responsible” and based on interaction with the newspaper, the website will provide the most timely news coverage on major events both at home and abroad, as well as on the latest achievements of local economic and social development. It will also provide tons of service information for the users.
As a strong bridge linking people and government, Nanjing Daily Online will also strengthen its supervision by public opinion, as well as provide public opinion analysis for party committees and government departments at all levels and strong support from public opinion for building Nanjing into a city where people enjoy a happy life on an earlier date.
Focusing on building influence, Nanjing Daily Online consists of editorial department, strategy & planning department, real estate department, technology department and others. Its users include elites from political, business and academic communities, as well as people from government departments, research institutes, schools & universities and industrial .
We look forward to working with people from all works of life to help the mainstream sound reach out further and to push our business to the peak together.